Pandach residents appeals LG for restoration of water supply

Srinagar: As the holy month of Ramadhan begins, residents of Shah-i- Hamdan Colony, Pandach in Suburban Srinagar say that have been facing acute water shortage seeking intervention of Lieutenant Governor G C Murmu to end their woes. The residents said that the problem has been there for six months with the concerned of f icials showing least interest to end their woes. The resident’s demands immediate attention and intervention of JK Governor G C Murmu for the restoration of the water supply in the area round the clock during the upcoming holy month of Ramadhan for their dai ly needs.

The locals said that we tried to approach all the concern officials of the Water department but failed to get their attention as they showed very poor response towards the water scarcity the area. “We have made representation for water restoration in the top of f icials of the government including PHE department but ti l l date no concrete ef fort was done it as a result we are suf fering day by day,” Mehraj ud Din, another resident said. The women too are aghast our the supply sometimes our kitchen utensi ls goes unwashed ti ll and we mange other cleaning aspects with great di ff iculty, Shakeela a resident of Shah-i- Hamdan Colony, Pandach, said.

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