Local youth enforce lockdown in Shahgund with police help

Local youth enforce lockdown in Shahgund with police help

Hajin: Youth in Shahgund village of Hajin Bandipora are enforcing the lockdown in their area and they say the Deputy Superintendent of Police Hajin is helping them do it. The youth have been doing so since positive cases were detected among residents of surrounding areas like Hajin, Gundjagir, and Naidkhai on March 25.

Aadil Fayaz, 20, a resident of Shahgund and student of law at University of Kashmir in Srinagar, said that he discussed with his local friends how to contribute to efforts to prevent Covid-19 coming to their area.

He said that they first started making face masks from cloth and then distributed them door to door in their area.

Aadil said he observed that people were taking the situation lightly and so he and his friends decided to blockade roads and seal all entry and exit points t their village.

Aadil said the Deputy Superintendent of Police Hajin helped them in imposing strict restrictions in the area.

Shahgund is surrounded by three villages that have been declared as “Red Zones”: Hajin, Naidkhai and Gundjagir.

Aadil and his friends also used loudspeakers to tell people not to come out on the roads.

“We used to meet every day in the village lanes and prepare our plans on what to do next. All my team members are well educated and they understood what needed to be done. We try to reach every mohalla and every lane to stop people from coming out,” Aadil said.

Aadil’s team comprises ten youths, who leave home early in the morning and return late in the evening. “We all work in coordination and every step is taken after devising a proper plan,” Aadil said.

Tawseef Manzoor, 22, said that they were working without proper protective equipment. “We had sent a request to the district administration but we have not been provided safety gear,” he said.

“We use homemade masks, gloves and apron. We have sewed polythene and made an apron which we wear all day while patrolling on the roads,” he said.

Showkat Ahmad, 23, said that they have been able to create such an atmosphere in the area that people are following social distancing in a better way.

“We are happy the way people are responding to our efforts. It’s great and we feel encouraged,” he said.

These youth volunteers are also helping the needy by distributing essential food packets among them.

Shahgund is 2 km away from Gundjagir where about 20 Covid-19 patients have been reported.

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