4 dilapidated houses collapse in Rainawari

Srinagar: Four old houses in a rundown condition collapsed in Sikandarpora area of Rainawari Srinagar on Monday morning. According to CNS, there was no one inside these houses when they collapsed and no report of any causality or injury to anyone in the incident. Locals alleged that there are many decaying houses lying in the area, which have been abandoned by the owners, posing threat to public life.

Besides such houses where no one ices, there other such houses with people living in those, with Municipal authorities silent to evacuate, they added. “Srinagar Municipal Corporation is not only playing with the inhabitants of these houses but others as well”, they said. While people demanded immediate demolishing of houses in dilapidated condition posing risk to public life and evacuation of people living in decayed houses, the officials said, “Fortunately, no human being was present or close the spot of the incident.

These houses had been in dilapidated condition and were posing risk to the people.” Meanwhile, there are numerous houses and buildings across Srinagar city in a decrepit condition and posing threat to public life, which needs immediate attention of the authorities to be brought down, but so far Srinagar Municipal Corporation has failed to take any action in this regard.

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