Mayor chairs SMC meeting: Bank transactions for electricity, water bills suspended

SRINAGAR: A meeting regarding sanitisation of banks was held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Mayor Srinagar Junaid Mattu at the central office of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC).
The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor, Srinagar; Chairman, Public Health & Sanitation Committee, SMC; Commissioner, SMC; and representatives of different leading banks/ financial institutions, the SMC said in a press release.
The Mayor passed directions that all ATMs in Srinagar city have to be sanitised. Special emphasis was laid on fumigation and a recommended chemical spraying (Quaternary Ammonium Chloride).
The mayor said that ATMs where guards were absent should be closed down.
All banks in the city will be sterilised and sanitised and it is the responsibility of all the employees of the banks to ensure frequent hand washing and use of sanitisers along with wearing of protective masks, the Mayor said.
He said that a mechanism has to be put in place in each and every bank so that people before entering banks wash hands with soap.
Furthermore, the Mayor instructed that employees dealing with cash distribution need to take care and strictly follow precautionary measures.
He said that transactions for public utility including electricity bills, water connection fees, etc, shall be suspended till further orders.
Mattu said that banks within shopping malls and pharmacies shall remain open.
Instructions were passed for closure of Aadhaar centres within bank branches till further orders.
The Mayor also held a separate meeting with all Public Transport Associations and passed instructions that all public transport including Sumos, Autos, Buses, Mini buses, etc, plying within the jurisdiction of Srinagar City shall be suspended till further orders.

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