Pampore reels under darkness

PAMPORE: The residents in Pampore area have been irked by frequent power outages they have been witnessing alleging that the power department is not following any schedule..
The residents from Pampore and adjoining area told Kashmir Reader that they face frequent power cuts, alleging that power is snapped several times in both metered areas as well as non metered areas during the set schedule it has to remain on.
“We face cuts for more than 18 hours a day,” the residents said, adding that for the rest hours the electricity is playing hide and seek with them and PDD is not sticking its schedule.
They locals added that that it was in 2014 the residents of Pampore hit the streets against PDD and blocked Srinagar -Jammu highway. “An agreement was reached between officials of PDD and representatives of Pampore residents promising 15hours of electricity from December and January and 18 hours of electricity for rest of the months.
However the locals say that since November last year no heed is paid to then power crisis in the town and its adjoining areas. The locals say that frequent power cuts is troubling both metered and none metered areas alike. They demanded that if PDD should be made accountable for supplying them electricity as per schedule.
The residents threatened to hit the streets if their genuine grievance is not redressed.

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