‘Over 1.2 lakh users avail internet at facilitation centres in Srinagar’

SRINAGAR: Since August nearly 1.2 lac users have availed of the internet facility made available at different facilitation centres the district administration has set up in Srinagar, the government press release said on Sunday.
These include students and businessmen apart from officials of government departments, it said.
“While the businessmen and government officials together add up to over 20 thousand users, the number of students who availed of the facility at various facilitation centres in the district add up to over 1 lac users,” it added.
“Soon after suspension of internet services in August the Srinagar administration set up internet facilitation centres at various places for those requiring the facility,” it said.
While students are being offered prioritised facilitation thereat, these centres are open for and accommodate all including businessmen and government officials.
To ensure trouble-free access, each of these centres have been equipped with tens of internet-enabled computers with operators to provide assistance wherever required.
Earlier this month, 11 additional facilitation centres were set up across the city to enable aspirants to register for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET registration for which opened December 2.
This follows similar facilitation earlier on enabling students and aspirants to make applications for different scholarships and registering for different examinations.

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