Consumers suffer despite power dept’s curtailment schedule

SRINAGAR: This winter also, kashmir-based consumers have begun to face difficulties as Power Development Department (PDD), fails to maintain its supply required to lit-up homes.
PDD, as per its own power rationing schedule, is supposed to supply power for more than 15 hours in unmetered areas while for 20 hours in metered areas. This rationing is done in winters when demand of power goes up against the supply. But, as per consumer complaints, PDD could not even supply what it promises consumers.
One of its victims is Rameez Ahmad, who runs a pharmacy agency in Srinagar. According to him, the power cuts hamper him to manage his shop records on computer, and lights required to keep shop illuminating.
“Due to frequent power cuts we suffer. We fail to manage records on computer. Our shops also grope in darkness,” he said.
Power back-up system, Rameez said, too does not offer much help because the energy required to keep it operational during cuts is too minimal.
He said power cuts have forced him to adopt manual system of recording records, which is time consuming, costly, repetitive and taxing.
A similar complaint was shared by a group of traders who operate in government owned complex at Batamalo. According to them, the cuts make their operation of business difficult, despite, they pay their power bills on time.
“During a day, the electricity hardly remains for four to five hours,” a shopkeeper said.
Kashmir power cut issue, as per senior engineers of PDD department, is because the power consumption goes up; many times against the agreed power load between consumers and the department. The department’s attempt to get more power from outside was not possible due to lack of required infrastructure. The department had to upgrade its infrastructure to keep pace with the requirement, but, its major project, Alistang grid, is undergoing construction.
“Once this is ready, a lot of power cut problem will be resolved,” a senior PDD engineer added.

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