Bar Association voices concern over denial of basic rights in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar on Saturday expressed concern overdenial of basic rights in Kashmir, saying it has decided to continue with the ongoing boycott.
“The Re-Organization Act, 2019 has already been challenged before the Supreme Court and the case is likely to come up in the 2nd week of December, 2019. All the members of the Bar Association are advised to understand their role and responsibility at this critical juncture and act according to their conscience, while supporting the cause,” the Bar said in a statement.
To ensure strict implementation of the decision of the Bar, it said,“a High Empowered Committee has been constituted to take stock of the situation arising out of the reports of violations of the Bar resolutions. The committee shall take effective steps to sensitize and educate the Bar members about the importance of the decisions and ensure implementation of the Bar resolutions in letter and spirit.”
The committee has been given a free hand to choose its course of action and act according to the need of the situation arising at a point of time, it said.
The Baralso expressed concern over the censorship of media in Kashmir saying “statements and press releases are not being allowed to be published”.
Bar also condemned the executive orders changing the procedure of registration for transfer of land etc. by taking away powers of Judicial Officers and handing over these to Revenue Officers.
“These changes appear to be a part of a larger design and conspiracy to grab the land of the residents and transfer it to outsiders clandestinely, with a view to change the demography of the State,” Bar said, adding,“These decisions have far reaching consequences for the future of the State.”
“The Bar Association condemns all these steps and urge their immediate revocation,” the statement said.

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