Post snowfall Kashmir University issues advisory to departments in Naseem Bagh area

Srinagar: Authorities at the University of Kashmir have issued advisory to the departments located at Naseem Bagh area of the campus after the recent snowfall that damaged several chinar trees there posing a threat to life and property due to the broken branches.
The district administration Srinagar has allowed the KU administration to prune the broken branches in the vicinity of the departments for now.
The KU advisory issued to the departments at Naseem Bagh-including Social Work, Psychology, Islamic Studies, Music and Fine Arts besides several other institutes of the university- has asked inmates there to avoid venturing inside the buildings in view of damaged branches due to the recent snowfall.
The heavy snowfall, officials said, has uprooted at least two chinars at Naseem Bagh area besides damaging the power transmission line at the campus.
It has also damaged the roofs of the new and old buildings of the KU’s Model School in the area.
Registrar KU, Prof Nisar A Mir said the advisory had been issued given the sensitive location of the departments besides the ongoing examinations at the university.
Although they had cleared the fallen branches of the chinars, Prof Mir said the ones still hanging from the trees and posing a threat to life and property, were to be cleared by the government.
He further informed that the power supply that had remained affected at many departments, had been partially restored with the restoration work going on.
Tehsildar North Srinagar, Haroon Rasheed however told Kashmir Reader that they had allowed the KU administration to prune the branches that posed a risk to the departments in the area till a general pruning could be carried out through an official procedure.
The pruned branches, he said, would be auctioned to benefit the government exchequer.
Rasheed said officials from the Floriculture Department and Chinar Development officials would soon visit the campus to assess the situation.

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