NC slams govt for changing names of prominent landmarks in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: National Conference on Wednesday slammed government for changing the names of prominent landmarks in valley, saying that at a time when the people of state are struggling for their pride and democratic rights, GoI is raring to go for changing the names of important landmarks like stadiums.
In a statement, party said, “The present ruling dispensation is known for its disdain for the secular visage of the country. The name changes has been done in the same vein as was done in other cases across the country. Rechristening the names of places won’t help improve the situation. The situation can only be restored only if people’s pride is restored.”
“The incumbent dispensation at the helm of affairs in Center has failed to catch the imagination of the countrymen, who have now refused to let them get swayed by the hollow slogans of the incumbent BJP led central government. The move is yet another attempt aimed to hoodwink the people,” it said.
It added that BJP has miserably failed to gain dividends of the unilateral step it took on 5th of August. “The recently concluded BDC poll results in Jammu also reveal that the measure of abrogating state’s special status, through what many referred to as day time robbery of JK’s pride, has not fared well in any region of Jammu and Kashmir,” party said.
It said the present ruling dispensation has come out in its true colors.
“With the legitimate elected political activists, civil society leaders, and socio-religious personalities under confinement, the verdant socio-political landscape of Kashmir has turned barren,” the statement said, adding, “The unprecedented gags on internet have piled up the miseries of people. A government which could unilateral backtracks on the constitutional assurances won’t hesitate from other reckless steps.”

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