Roadside petrol vending thrives as filling stations remain shut during day

SRINAGAR: Roadside petrol vending is thriving in the city these days as filling stations remain shut during daytime owing to the crippled life, which has led unemployed youth to come up with alternative and earn some bucks.
In different parts of downtown including Safa Kadal, Saki Daffar, Darish Kadal, Kak Sarai, Habba Kadal, Fatha Kadal, Rainwari and other localities of Srinagar, roadside petrol vending has become a norm in these circumstances, and most of those selling fuel bottes are unemployed youth and shopkeepers.
Furkan Ahmad, who is a student, said, “From last 55 days, schools are closed and we don’t have anything to do. My friend and I decided to buy petrol and then sell it on roadside. This turns out to be fruitful business for us as every day almost 20 people visit us for filling petrol. I am earning a good amount from this trade.”
Ahmad sells petrol near Safa Kadal.
He added, “Sitting ideal is better to earn something and help the people, who need fuel. Whenever petrol pumps open, we fill our containers so that we can sell petrol in the areas were petrol pumps are usually closed during day.”
Selling fuel in bottles has become a part-time job for many these days. Most of the sellers are either students or shopkeepers.
Nazir Ahmad, another petrol seller at Kak Srai, said, “We are able to open our shops in the morning. To kill the time, I decided to buy petrol and sell near my shop, and it helps many people as they don’t find any petrol pump open during the day, and petrol vendors like me are helping them.”
Although people have acknowledged that these venders have come-up as a good alternative, some says that the quality and quantity is usually compromised.
“The quality and quantity are usually compromised, but we have no other choice but to buy it,” said

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