Malik detained, shifted to central jail

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Mali was detained and shifted him to Srinagar’s central jail, a spokesman of the party said on Monday.

According to the spokesman, Malik who participated in funeral prayers in absentia program at Sarai Bala yesterday was arrested by police today early morning and shifted to police station Kothibagh.

“Police in the wee hours of this morning cordoned the residence of Malik and immediately shifted him to police station from where he was shifted to central jail Srinagar on a three day judicial remand,” he said in a statement issued here.

Malik according to the statement condemned the ongoing military onslaught on Kashmiris especially in Shopian, Kulgam and Dialgam Islamabad in which 16 Kashmiris have been killed and hundreds injured by ‘trigger happy Indian forces’.

“Kashmiris are being massacred by Indian occupation with impunity and no one among the human world seems to bother on this spilling of human blood,” the spokesman quoting Malik as having said.

“When killing humans becomes a glorified act and is termed as special day by officers in uniform, it can only be termed as shocking and barbarity,” he said.

Malik said that Indian forces, police and other agencies on the orders of their political masters are continuing genocide in Kashmir and feel proud after killing small kids and unarmed men and women.

“This is no bravery but utmost cowardice over which only those who have lost human instinct and conscience can feel proud and boastful,” he said.

Malik said that when spilling human blood becomes normal and a matter of pride, situation can only be termed as shocking and condemnable.

“Snatching lives, vital organs and eye sight of thousands during peaceful political movement, putting thousands of young and old including women in jails, torturing, beating and humiliating young boys in police stations and military cum forces camps, showering choicest abuses and accusations on their parents, sisters and brothers in police stations that too in their presence and by all this state sponsored terrorism, pushing whole generations to the wall and leaving no space to them but to go for an ultimate sacrifice has been an despicable doing of police and occupational troops,” he added.


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