Editorial: The freeze gets worse

Srinagar: The freeze in Indo-Pak relations seems to be getting worse. On Thursday Pakistan called back its High Commissioner in New Delhi for consultation to Islamabad over incidents of harassing of its Embassy’s staff in the Indian capital.

Though the Pakistan Foreign Office said they will hold consultations with the High Commissioner over the recent incidents of harassing of their diplomats, but the issue reflects more than what meets the eye.

Pakistan says that the Indian government had not taken measures to safeguard Pakistani diplomats and their families in India and even though protests were lodged by the Pakistani government over this, no concrete suggestion or measure was announced by India.

The coagulate between India and Pakistan has not come as a surprise. Keeping in view the past one year or so, the relations between the two warring neighbours have been hardening with every passing day.

Though the two countries continue to be the two main players in South Asian politics, as the two constitute 86% of its population and 80% of the land area, this ground reality is not actually being reflected in the mindset of the leadership either in Delhi or Islamabad.

When these two are at peace with each other the whole region by and large is at peace, when they have trouble relations the region is uneasy, and when these two fight the whole South Asian region shakes with fear.

During the almost seven decades of their existence, the two countries have never been at peace with each other. The hostility has reflected in all their decision whether it is sports or any other activity. Even the Line of Control that divides the two nations has been simmering with gunfire as both the armies have been targeting army as well as civilian locations adding to the miseries the people of both the nations face every day.

This despite the fact that the two armies have fought three full fledged conventional wars and war  like situations that emerge on the LoC almost on daily basis when the two countries harp on promoting hostilities.

In such a scenario the sword of uncertainty hits the common masses in both the counties. The human aspect of the conflict gets lost in the political discourse adopted by the leadership of both the counties. The human suffering and loss is not being taken into account as heightened emotions among the leadership give a damn care to the basic issues that a common man faces owing to the hardened stand.

 The past experience of seven decades tells us that aggression between the two countries has never solved any issues. It’s mature political outlook combined with methodic diplomacy that is going to help out the situation and the suggestions apply for both the nations. But one wonders what compels the leadership of both the counties to listen to tunes that will benefit none. Be it India, Pakistan or the people who are deeply touched by the conflict.  







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