Kashmir’s situation is extremely grim, says Mirwaiz

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Tuesday said that the situation in Kashmir is extremely grim and fast deteriorating by the day as more than thirteen civilians have been brutally killed by the forces in the last six weeks alone.

“These forces enjoy completely immunity from any accountability or legal prosecution under the cover of the draconian law the armed forces special powers act or AFSPA. Most of these killings have taken place in the Shopian district where around eight civilians, young men and teenagers have been killed including a 17 year old girl Saima Wani,” he said in a statement issued here.

He said that even lactating mothers have not been spared as two young mothers of infants were gunned down by the forces.

Mirwaiz said that rampant killing of Kashmiri’s is becoming the order of the day and it seems that it is a part of the military solution that is promulgated by the Indian state as a way of dealing with the Kashmir conflict.

Hurriyat chairman said as no responsibility is fixed for these killings and their is no accountability, the highly worrisome reality is that the lives of the people of Kashmiris is perpetually at great risk as they are the mercy of the forces.

Mirwaiz said, “Unless the draconian law of AFSPA is not abolished, the unaccounted for killing of Kashmiris will continue and we will keep losing our young and old men and women.”

Mirwaiz once again urged upon international human rights organisations to take cognizance of the extremely grave human rights situation in the valley and highlight it at the global level.

He said the silence of the Indian rights organisations activists humanists most print media, writers, columnists at the rising graph of gruesome killings in Kashmir each day is extremely sad and discouraging.

Mirwaiz said that the situation on the loc and international border is no better with civilians and soldiers dying on both sides and can anytime escalate into a full scale war.

“What is so painful is that killings and bloodshed both in Kashmir and on Kashmir can easily be stopped if only the main cause of it i.e. the Kashmir dispute, is addressed and the status quo discarded,” he said.

Mirwaiz said India and Pakistan for their own survival will be forced to do so at one point of time, but the tragedy is that people of Kashmir till then will continue be in this grind of death and destruction.


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