PSAJK condemns ‘malicious’ campaign against Dr Samoon

Srinagar: Private Schools Association Jammu & Kashmir (PSAJK) Friday condemned the behaviour of a particular group of administrative officers for resorting to ‘cheap’ media stunt by levelling certain allegations against Dr Asgar Samoon, principal secretary higher education.

In a statement isuued here, the Association said that the state administration is full of officers who have habit of making mountain out of molehill. They said that the worth of an officer should be known by the amount of work he or she has done but unfortunately that is never considered any criteria in the state.

“It is a known fact that Dr Asgar Samoon is one of the most competent officers in the state administration. He has achieved so many milestones in Higher Education that one could have only thought of,” said G N Var president PSAJK. “But unfortunately in Kashmir whenever anybody tries to do good work he or she is hounded with strange accusations and hurdles created in his or her path.”

The Association said that by levelling allegations against Dr Samoon some officers are trying to hide their own sins. “Dr Samoon is one of the rare officers who arrives at the secretariat before anybody else and leaves when he is finished with every work at his table. He is a workaholic and makes other people to work on such a standard too. He believes in practical work and doesn’t like excuses,” said Var. “This quality has become a problem for other officers who can do anything except their work.”

The Association said that the civil secretariat has become a den of corruption and lethargy, where common man is made to suffer by some officers. “Till date no common man has alleged of misbehaviour by Dr Samoon and why only an officer has done it. The reason is simple that Dr Samoon wanted works to be done for the betterment of education,” said Var.

The Association also condemned the stand taken by KAS officers association for making it a point of prestige. It said that the administration has its checks and balances for the officers in case they have a complaint and this looks a fishy campaign against a dedicated officer like Dr Samoon. “The particular officer who has accused Dr Samoon should first introspect his own department. Crores have lapsed in his department and its mission of quality and betterment of education is seen nowhere on the horizon,” said the Association.

The Association said that government should formulate a criteria to determine the merit of an officer on some standard points and same should be published every year so that people come to know their worth.





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