Chairman CBOCWAB calls on Finance Minister

Jammu: V Sreenivas Naidu, Chairman, Central Building and Other Construction Workers Advisory Board (CBOCWAB) called on the Minister for Finance, Labour & Employment, Dr Haseeb Drabu here today to discuss the measures taken by the State Government for the workers in unorganized sector.

Naidu hailedthe pioneering measures taken by the State Government, on the initiative of Dr Drabu, to ensure socio-economic security of the workers in the State’s unorganized sector.

He also appreciated the State Government’s decision to have a uniform code for the workers by merging hundreds of redundant labour laws.

Dr Drabu informed the Chairman, Central Building and Other Construction Workers Advisory Board that the State Government has recently launched “Muhafiz” scheme for providing a security net to the workers in the unorganized sector.

He said that there are around 3 lakh workers registered with Jammu and Kashmir Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (JKBOCWWB) who will be covered under accidental, life and disability insurance besides providing educational scholarships to their children under Muhafiz scheme.

The scheme also envisages extending micro-credit facility to such workers and facilitating their registration through online and other modes.

Dr Drabu said the building and other construction workers are one of the most numerous and vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour and unfortunately till now there was no institutionalized mechanism in place in J&K for their on-the-job safety and socio-economic security.


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