5 Radiologists catering to healthcare needs of entire populace in valley 

Srinagar: Diagnostic set-up in peripheries is working in shambles, painting a grim picture in terms of non availability of Radiologists and the required machinery, thus, adding to the already limping healthcare system in Kashmir valley.

The figures available with ‘Kashmir Vision’ state that there are only 7 sanctioned posts for Radiologists in Kashmir valley, with 5 in-position and 2 still lying vacant as of now.

As per sources, no additional posts pertaining to the Radiology department were created due to which the healthcare setup is taking a further hit.

Radiologist act as an expert consultant to the patient’s referred by physician by aiding physician in choosing the proper examination, interpreting the resulting medical images and using test results to direct patient care.

What is more pathetic is that there is no MRI facility anywhere existing in the peripheries which includes 10 districts with the population of 6,907,623 souls.

Sources revealed that the MRI facilities are nowhere available in the peripheries and patient have to come to Srinagar where they have to wait for months to get a single MRI done.

“MRI facilities are nowhere available, with CT Scan available at three districts which include District Hospitals of Anantnag, Handwara and Kulgam,” sources added. 

What has been observed is that the government is creating only infrastructure in the peripheries, missing the fact that such facilities are to be equipped with the required machinery, which seems absent so far at such additionally created healthcare facilities in the districts.

To cater to the needs of enormous population that is living in the peripheries, the government, as per experts has also failed in coming up with comprehensive policy of at least setting up MRI zones, one in south and one in north, so as to bring some respite to the medics who are working in the peripheries.

“It all fails when it comes to the diagnosis part, when there are no such facilities available in the peripheries, the doctors, even after initiating the treatment at their respective facilities are compelled to shift such patients who are in need of specialized diagnosis such as MRI,” said a doctor working in peripheries.

The unavailability of such diagnostic facilities, in a way, also adds to the already burdened central system—the fact that is even not being considered, when it comes to decreasing the burden on the system, he added.

Though the Radiology Unit was setup in District Anantnag and Baramulla, however, the Unit is in dire need of up gradation as of now. With the absence of required facilities, the sources said the Radiology Unit is good for nothing.

“With all the districts lacking basic diagnostic facilities, the twin districts where the Radiology Unit has been set up, are lacking high-end investigation facilities, which is making the Unit good for nothing, even after its establishment, the patients are continuously being referred to Srinagar, thus nullifying the very purpose of the Unit,” sources said.



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