Zakir Musa reiterates call for ‘Jihad’


Srinagar: After Union Minister of state for Home Hansraj Ahir denied that ISIS, Al Qaida or Taliban are operating in the valley, Ansar Gazwat ul Hind- an offshoot of Al Qaida in Kashmir- released a video saying that the ‘mujahids’ have not forgotten the Babri Masjid demolition.

The video aimed at the Muslims in India has sub titles in Hindi as well as in Urdu. It briefs about the history and destruction of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and describes it as blot on the face of Indian Muslims.

“If there are atrocities being carried out on Muslims in India, do not think that Mujahids are not aware of it. Our hearts bleed thinking that how to free Indian Muslims of atrocities,” the video message says.

The video describes Babri Masjid as the first symbol of Muslims in India and warned that the ‘enemy’s eyes are not only on Babri Masjid but on every mosque in every street of India’.

Pertinently, on Wednesday, Ahir denied that ISIS or Taliban like militant outfits are operating in the valley.

In reply to a question in Raj Sabha, Ahir said that nothing has been established on the ground that the militant outfit is operating in any part of Kashmir valley.

“However, Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind (AGUH) formed and led by Zakir Musa (former Hizbul-Mujahideen militant) has posted adverse material on social media,” Ahir said in reply to a question in Parliament.

He further said that there are reports that at present, Zakir Musa has the support of less than 10 militants.

Meanwhile, the video urged the Muslims in India to remain united so that ‘brutal’ killing of ‘Junaid Khan, Iqhlaq and Pehlu Khan don’t happen in future’.

“It is time to get together. It is the time, we get back to our religion and take path of Jihad. Jihad is the saviour of our lives,” the video adds.

Notably, earlier on the anniversary of Babri Masjid on December 7 last year, Ansar Ghazwa ’tul-Hind had called on Indian Muslims to “join the fields of the jihad”, claiming that “perfidious Hindus will keep changing their tactics until their mission is accomplished — and that mission is the elimination of every last Muslim, be they children or the elderly, men or women, or brothers or our sons”.


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