Unwell Health Service: Lone doctor fights dermatological ailments in 9 districts

Srinagar: Guess how many Dermatologists are working in the peripheries? The numbers might surprise you, as there is only 1 Dermatologist who is supposed to cater to the health needs of the entire population living in 9 districts of Kashmir.

As per figures, in possession of ‘Kashmir Vision,’ there is only 1 sanctioned post for the consultant Dermatologist in Kashmir Division including Anantnag, Bandipora, Baramulla, Budgam, Ganderbal, Kulgam, Kupwara, Pulwama and Shopian.

What is shocking is the less number of posts that have been sanctioned for the Dermatology, given the vast sea of population that it has to cater to.

“You can see what is the state of affairs, only one post has been sanctioned for this speciality, not taking into consideration the huge number of population that this one specialist has to cater to,” sources said.

The doctor-patient ratio, in this scenario, is beyond any calculations as a lone doctors has to cater to the needs of 5657449 individuals in nine districts, which implies the quality of patient care and efficiency in diagnosis in Dermatology.

“When there is drastic scarcity of specialists, it surely tells upon the functioning of the system, especially the working of that particular specialty is hampered, “said a medico, adding that the patient care is also compromised in terms of early diagnosis and treatment.

The another aspect which is emerging out of dearth of specialist manpower in peripheries is that in absence of required specialists the patients are forced to travel to Srinagar for the treatment, which is again burdening the central system beyond its capacity.

Naturally, it is bound to happen. The central system is surely going to be burdened, with patients rushing to Srinagar based government facilities for the treatment, as the specialist manpower has been en-massed at Srinagar, sources informed.

Pertinently, in the series of stories ‘Kashmir Vision’ has been consistently reporting about the dearth of manpower in health sector in peripheries, and its far reaching implications on the system and patient care in mentioned nine districts.

Earlier, this newspaper had reported that only 58 Anesthetists and 59 Surgeons were available to cater to the needs of entire population of 9 districts in peripheries.

The data used in the reported news story earlier, had revealed that against 73 sanctioned posts of Surgeons, only 59 were in-position and 14 posts were lying vacant, and against 73 sanctioned posts for Anesthetists, only 58 were in-position and rest of 15 posts were still lying vacant.


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