Parents say ‘no’ to bus fee for December


Srinagar: Various private schools have earned criticism from parents for charging bus fee from students for the Month of December.

“Private schools are charging transport fee from students upto class 8th, despite schools getting closed from tomorrow as per government order for winter vacations for all classes upto 8th,” said an aggrieved parent.

Given the government order, students upto 8th have to attend school for only two days in December but schools are forcing us to pay transport charges for whole month, he said.

“They are forcing us to clear transport charges of students which is unjustified and violation of rules. They are looting us,” the parents said.

Interestingly, the complaints pour in at a time when the government has issued instructions to all private schools asking them not to fleece parents of students by charging unjustified fee from them.

 “But it seems that these orders and instructions have no influence on private schools and they continue to fleece us,” the parents said.

Interestingly, private schools are accused of overcharging parents with no check from the  government.

“Had government been serious to make these private schools accountable, they would have not allowed these institutions to take such illogical decisions,” the parents said.

 Director school education GN Itoo said they will take strict action against the school which will charge bus fee from students upto class 8th for December month.

“Parents should register their complaint against the school and action will be taken against the school as per rules,” he said.

Chairman private schools association Kashmir G N Var said the controversy over charging transport fee from students is because of unawareness about the contract signed by parents with schools.

 “They (parents) have to see whether they have contract for 9 months or 12 months because schools charge different rates from parents on the basis of the contract,” he said.

 He said the association will still address the grievance of parents if they have any complaints against any schools.

 “We are not working against the interest of parents and students. We are serving the society and are accountable to parents and students as well. No school can fleece them at all,” he said.

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