Dorjay takes part in enrolment ceremony of 20th Bakula Rinpoche

Karnataka: Minister for Ladakh Affairs and Cooperatives Chering Dorjay Friday participated in ‘Chos-zhuk’, the enrolment ceremony of 20th Bakula Rinpoche at Drepung Monastery at Mondgod in Karnataka.

The enrolment ceremony was held in the assembly hall of the renowned Drepung Monastery in which thousands of monks, devotees, guests and dignitaries from different parts of the country and abroad participated.

While addressing the gathering, the Minister said ‘Chos-zhuk’ ceremony is an opportunity to express our shared solidarity with the young Tulku. The 11-yr-old Bakula Rinpoche has been undergoing rigorous monastic education under the care of his tutors and will prove fruitful for the upcoming future of state especially the youth, he added.

Stressing that the 20th Bakula Rinpoche will devote his life towards the welfare of all sentient beings, the Minister said the people of Ladakh have great faith in him and believe that after successfully completing his monastic education, the Tulku will continue the great legacies of his predecessors for peace, progress and harmony in Ladakh.

He further said it is an extremely important event in the life of an incarnate Lama when he formally enters the monastic institution and begins his profound study of the great treaties of sutras and tantras.

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