Kashmiri Play makes it to the 8th Theatre Olympics

Srinagar: A Kashmiri Theatre Play makes it to the Theatre Olympics, the biggest theatre celebrations globally to be held in Feb 2018. In a communication from 8th Theatre Olympic organisors to Theatre for Kashmir a local group headed by noted Kashmiri Theatre worker Arshad Mushtaq informed that “the committee of acclaimed theatre experts have selected Aalav to be staged in the 8th Theatre Olympics,in which some of the achievements of the great theatre practitioners from around the world will be showcased”.

This development puts Kashmiri theatre on the world platform and is a matter of immense honor for theater community of Kashmir as apaly produced by a local group has made it to the prestigious event. Theatre Olympics is an internationally recognized platform where theatrical productions from around 50 countries will be showcased over the period of about two months early next year across cities.

Aalav is a Kashmiri set against the socio cultural backdrop of contemporary Kashmiri society. The play weaves a story of an old mother and her two daughters who are waiting for their son to return.  Play is a tribute to the resilient and brave women of Kashmir who have collectively bore the brunt of strife and conflict for ages.

Theater Olympics is a platform for theatrical exchange, a gathering place where a dialogue despite ideological, culture and language differences is encouraged. It is to strengthen and re-establish the statues of contemporary theatre in the world. This objective is achieved by contributing to the growth of international collaboration, building a network among artists all over the world and, creating an opportunity for the host of the festival to showcase and promote their work in theatre and other performing arts.

Aalav a Kashmiri adaptation of JM Synge’s acclaimed Irish play ‘Riders to the Sea’ produced by a local group Theatre for Kashmir has been earlier showcased in multiple theater festivals across south Asia and received appreciation and critical acclaim. 


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