IndiGo offloads 4 Kashmiris from Patna-Delhi flight for ‘erratic’ behaviour

New Delhi: Four Kashmiri youth were offloaded from Patna-Delhi IndiGo flight for “erratic behaviour”, reports said.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Mukhtar Ahmed Gani, his elder brother Javed Ahmed Gani and friends Md Munib Wali and Haroon Rashid were offloaded from the flight. They were released later in the evening after preliminary screening.

The report said that the CISF, responsible for airport security, screened their baggage for explosives and did a background check on all the youths before releasing them.

The four young men were offloaded after some passengers complained about their erratic behaviour. A passenger, requesting anonymity said he initially saw the youths squabbling in the security hold area, trying to coax a reluctant Mukhtar to board the flight.

“I later heard the youth say that he will go and sit in the cockpit of the aircraft. His behaviour was erratic. It was then that I alerted the airline staff, who immediately offloaded all the four youths,” he said.

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