Stand of GoI on Article 35-A remains uncertain, Zaffar Shah

Srinagar: Senior Advocate and law expert Zaffar Shah today said that Government of India, as respondents are yet to file its view on petition filed in Supreme court over Article 35 A.

 “The petition on Article 35 A has two respondents i.e Government of India (GoI) and government of Jammu and Kashmir. While the state government has filed its response saying that the petition should be dismissed the GoI is yet to put its view. We do not know what is their stand on the issue,” Shah said, adding that the petition was filed in 2014.

Shah was speaking at the seminar organised by Green Valley Educational Institute in Srinagar.

“The stand of GoI on Article 35 A remains uncertain,” Shah said.

Shah said that the issue of Article 370 and article 35 A are larger than life issues and decision of scrapping them will have impact on ‘generations to come’.

 “Let historians remember that when such onslaughts were being perpetrated there were people who stood and resisted,” Shah said asking students to read history of Kashmir.

Raising suspicion about how the issue of abolishing article 370 and Article 35A is being raised he said: There are two ways of looking at the issue of abolishing Article 370.

“One: deprive you of advantage but have no advantage himself, Second: deprive you of advantage and derive advantage from that.”

“Article 35 A came into existence in 54 but why is the existence being questioned after decades?” Shah said.

Shah said that some people are trying to push their ideology by using the judiciary means.

“Rather than democratic process, asking people to decide, he is asking judges. He does not want your votes,” Shah said.

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