Protests erupt over fresh incidents of braid chopping


Srinagar: The braid chopping incidents in Kashmir Valley continue to baffle the common people as two more incidents were reported from the Srinagar district on Wednesday. Meanwhile, police says that no victim is coming forward to register a complaint or even record a statement.

Early in the morning, people alleged that two non-local persons chopped off the braid of a 29-year-old woman (name withheld) in outskirts of the city in Nowgam area. Soon after the incident, people took to streets and blocked the road triggering a massive traffic jam in the area.

The protesters were demanding the arrest of the alleged braid-choppers.

Meanwhile, protests erupted outside Dastgeer Sahab Shrine in Old city of Srinagar following another hair chopping incident in Kaw Mohalla of Khanyar area of Old city.

Reports said that hair of Muzamil Lateef, 32, wife of Lateef Ahmad Gurra was chopped by unknown persons at KawMohalla Khaniyar.

Pertinently, situation deteriorated in Bemina area of Srinagar after two braid chopping suspects were nabbed by people, eyewitnesses said.

 The witnesses said that two persons whom people accused of being the braid choppers were nabbed at Nundresh Colony B Bemina today afternoon.

As per locals, they found arms and ammunition in their possession and accused them of being men from security agencies. Witnesses said that people staged protests in favour of Islam and Azadi and also in favour of militants.

Meanwhile, according to the police, people in Nundresh colony of Bemina today afternoon nabbed two suspected braid choppers. After receiving information of the incident police immediately rushed to spot to arrest the suspects but people assembled in large number there instead of handing over custody of culprits to the police, after beating them facilitated the escape of suspects from the spot.

In this regards case FIR  158/2017 has been registered in Batamaloo police station and  further investigation taken.

Speaking to the ‘Kashmir Vision;, IG Kashmir Munir Khan said that action will be taken against those who facilitated the escape of the suspect from the spot.

Khan said that people particularly victims are not coming forward and participating in the investigation process.

“The most important part of this investigation is, victims are not coming forward and talking to us. Without talking to them, how will we know the truth,” he asked.

The top cop said that they don’t get the cooperation from the people they want and eventually the investigation remains incomplete.

“People are blaming that forces are behind the braid chopping incidents. They (people) also  say that police facilitates the accused to escape when they are caught by the public,” Khan said.

“Today, I ask the people of Nundreshi Colony why you facilitated the accused to escape,” he questioned.

Meanwhile, Srinagar police has appealed people to immediately bring all such incidents to the notice of the police.

“All suspects should be handed over to the concerned police for proper investigation of the alleged incidents,” police aid.

Earlier, it was reported that the two accused were over ground workers of a militant outfit, which was later denied by the police.

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