Ready for dialogue without pre-conditions: Ram Madhav 

The Bharatiya janata Party (BJP) Thursday said that Government of India (GoI) is open for talks with all the stakeholders of Kashmir without any pre-conditions.

The party in the government also claimed that the militant activities in the Valley are on the decline.

BJP’s National General Secretary, Ram Madhav on the sidelines of the party meeting here at Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh’s residence told reporters that central government is ready to initiate dialogue with all the stakeholders of Kashmir.

“We are ready to have dialogue with all the stakeholders of Kashmir including Hurriyat without any pre-conditions,” he said.

“All those who are willing to have dialogue with central or the state government over the Kashmir issue will be welcomed,” he said, adding that the question should also be asked to those who are reluctant to come forward for the dialogue process.

Madhav while responding to the query related to the attack in Tral today, said that the militant activities are declining in the Valley and some attacks on the security forces are still taking place. “We will take necessary steps in this regard to ensure that the attacks won’t take place,” he said.

He also said that the security forces will ensure that the game played by the attacks in Kashmir and on border areas won’t be allowed to succeed.

“We are happy that the militant activities are declining in Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have suffered enough. Now, it is the time for them to focus on development. In the next three years, we will focus on the development of the Valley,” he said, adding that situation in Kashmir is improving.

He also said that the situation in Kashmir will be brought to normal in case the Opposition parties  would support the Narendra Modi led government in the centre.

BJP senior leader said that the government is committed to give good governance to the people.

“The future of Kashmir is not in bullets but in love and affection which will be our way forward. When we say Kashmir is ours it also means that Kashmiris are our own people. We will focus to fulfill the aspirations of people,” he said.

Asked about the settlement of Rohingya refugees in India, the BJP leader said that the issue is right now before the SC. “Government of India has already said that this issue will be handled keeping the security situation in mind. The issue will be dealt with the security perspective also,” he said.

He said that as far as the humanitarian angel is concerned, the government have to take care of the human rights and humanitarian concerns of 124 crore Indian’s also. “An appropriate step will be taken after taking care of the humanitarian concerns of 124 crore Indian’s,” he said.

Meanwhile, Madhav rejected the reports of reshuffle of BJP ministers, saying this issue hasn’t been discussed so far.



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