NC expresses solidarity with Aganwari Workers

National Conference (NC) Tuesday expressed solidarity with the protesting Aanganwadi workers.

In a statement issued here, NC Additional Spokesperson Sarah Hayat Shah lashed out at the State Government for failing to break the deadlock by engaging with the protesting Aganwari Workers in an amicable and productive manner.

“The Anganwadi workers have immensely contributed in making the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) viable in the State but they have been pushed to the wall due to the insensitive approach of the current State Government towards them. They form the backbone of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and other social welfare schemes and deserve empathy”, the NC spokesperson said.

“The State Government doesn’t seem to have invested any effort in talking about the issues of Anganwadi workers due to which they have decided to hold an indefinite hunger strike till their demands are met and since the Anganwadi workers and helpers have suspended work, it is matter of serious concern for us and will result in a collapse in the system that will eventually make people suffer because of the Government’s inability to resolve this issue with the protesting workers”, the spokesperson further added.

The spokesperson asked the Government to invite representatives of the protesting Aganwari Workers for talks in a respectful and dignified manner in a sincere and open-minded effort to resolve their issues and fulfill their just demands.

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