Govt wakes up to patients needs, provides them required drugs

In a development that is seen as a major respite for the patients at Govt Leprosy Hospital, Lal Bazar, the health department has finally woken up and has provided the patients with required life saving drugs, especially insulin.

It was when this newspaper carried a news report regarding the Hospital not providing life saving drugs to the patients who are in need.

It was also reported that there are many patients living in the area who are diabetic with some suffering from heart ailments, such patients, according to the hospital officials, are in need of insulin, which the government is not providing to the hospital.

After the news report, Chief Minister’s Grievance Cell had taken the cognizance of the issue and had written a letter to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Srinagar, under whose administrative control the hospital falls.

While talking to Kashmir Vision, CMO Srinagar Dr. Dildar Mir said that they have arranged the insulin for the hospital and have dispatched the same.

“I had directed the officials to immediately arrange insulin and other drugs for the hospital, same has been done and has been dispatched to the hospital,” he said.

The hospital was solely dependent on an individual who has been providing hospital with the supply of insulin as an act of charity for many years, which had raised serious questions over the insensitivity of the health department.

Confirming the development, Medical Officer, Govt Leprosy Hospital Dr Yasmeena said that they have received the supply from CMO office and will do well for next at least two months, “we have received the insulin supply, along with some other drugs as well. The insulin supply will do for at least two months now,” she said.

The colony is largely occupied by the patients who are, or were suffering from Leprosy, and then the Govt finally decided to settle them there, with providing them separate quarters. The residents are economically not so sound, and are dependent solely on the Government.

Dr. Yasmeena however, added that at times there is shortage of even medicines, “we get a different variety of drugs that are not prescribed here, or at any other hospital; at that time the patients are forced to get such medicines from the market, which should not happen,” she said.

Patients are also seeing the move as a respite, as even after having an income equal to zero; they were forced to spend thousands of rupees for the medicines, “I am thankful to the govt, as my wife regularly needed insulin and I was not in a position to spend any more money on her medicines. Now that they (govt) has provided the insulin, I am thankful to them,” said Abdul Rahim, a resident of Leprosy colony.















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