Disallowing court arrest a moral victory for resistance camp: Geelani

Lashing out at administration, Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said that restrictions and other ‘cowardice tactics’ designed against political activities in state and disallowing resistance leadership to court arrest before the NIA in Delhi, signifies a moral victory for resistance camp.

According to a statement issued here, Gelani said that though the state police chief DGP Vaid had said that resistance leaders are free to go anywhere. However, contrary to his statement,’ the leaders were placed under house arrest and heavy contingent of police were deployed outside their residences while the police also arrested Muhammad Yasin Malik and shifted him to central jail Srinagar.

Earlier, resistance leaders had decided to court arrest before NIA in new Delhi for its ‘highhandedness’.

“It is the power of arrogance,” Gelani said, adding that “affairs of the government and police are looked after and run by authorities in Delhi. They are too insignificant that even CM and DGP are not sure about their destiny.”

“The lawlessness is at its peak and while citing the interference of New Delhi,” it said, that  JKLF chief was initially sent to jail on police remand, was set free and rearrested during midnight.

“India’s national investigation agency NIA’s is running a defamatory campaign against leadership and people and while calling it psychological crackdown its main aim is to make people scare and suppress their freedom sentiments,” statement added.

“We won’t succumb to the pressure and will fight tooth and nail against the campaign launched by NIA and its sinister designs,” Geelani added.

Reiterating its appeal for civil curfew on Sep 10 against the visit of Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, Hurriyat said that “oppressive measures and military might can never suppress the resilience and resolve of the people, nor pressure tactics and bullying of NIA can force leadership to participate in dialogue process.”

“It is as such suggested and it is wise to concentrate on core issue related to Kashmir,” Geelani said, adding that it is not a border issue, instead issue related to humans, hence it is needed to resolve it as per UN resolutions and in its right perspective.

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