Tibetan vendors protest in solidarity with Burma Muslims


Dozens of Tibetan vendors who are working in different parts Srinagar on Friday staged a protest against the killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The demonstrators including men and women assembled at Srinagar’s press enclave and chanted slogans in favour of Rohingya Muslims who they said are ‘victims of brutality’.

The protesters were holding banners displaying slogans against the Myanmar establishment and in favour of Rohingya Muslims.

The vendors appealed Islamic countries to intervene into the matter and unite to stop the atrocities being committed on Rohingya Muslims.

The protesters said that the Muslims in Burma are being killed and tortured like animals. “It is unfortunate that the world community instead of raising their voice is maintaining criminal silence over such violence,” they said.

They said that it stands a duty of every Muslim country to raise their voice against such brutalities to stop the ongoing cruelty on Burma Muslims at an earliest. “We urge the Muslim countries to unite over Burma violence and raise their concern in this regard to pressurize the Myanmar government to stop such brutalities,” they added.

Protesters also said the videos circulated on the social media are expressing the alarming situation in Burma.

“We hope the international community will break its silence and will play its role to stop the atrocities on Burma Muslims at an earliest,” they said.

Meanwhile, the protesters later dispersed peacefully.

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