Will lay my life to protect Article 35-A: Dr Farooq

Former Chief Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) Farooq Abdullah on Monday said that he will be the first person to “lay his life” to secure the state subject law.

He also said that only friendly relations between India and Pakistan will resolve the long pending Kashmir issue.

Addressing a rousing convention in Handwara, Dr Farooq said, “If Article 35-A is fiddled with, Farooq Abdullah will be the first person to hit the streets and lay his life for it.”

He said that those who are telling people in Jammu that 35-A is affecting them negatively they are befooling them. “When Maharaja brought State subject law in 1927, it favoured people in Jammu more than Kashmiris. Because Kashmiris did not own the land then, they were its tillers only,” he said.

“Jammu will be the biggest looser compared to Kashmir by abrogating Article 35-A as the situation in Kashmir is not well and people will be afraid to come here,” he said.

NC patron prayed for the strength of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to safeguard Article 35-A and to fight the BJP.

“Mehbooba Mufti called on me. She was worried about 35A. But I told her that ‘I congratulate you that you have understood what your alliance is upto’. Whatever I had to suggest to her as a father, I suggested. I pray to Allah to give her strength to safeguard Article 35A and fight against BJP as she is our chief minister,” he said.

Saying that friendly relations between India and Pakistan are very important for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Farooq said, “Friendship between the two countries will only take us out of the conflict and tragedy. Kashmiris are dying on both the sides of the Line of Control. And innocent soldiers die here and there as well. Until there is a friendly relation between the two countries, Kashmir issue will linger on. UN or US do not care about us. And they do not see what is wrought upon us daily,” he said.

He also said that India didn’t fulfill its promise made with people of Kashmir.

“94 presidential orders were issued to make Article 370 hollow. And these Presidential Orders have not legal standing as constitutionally no order can be issued after Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir was dissolved. But they did it thinking we are fools. But these forcible decisions will one day swallow them,” he said.

NC patron said that people of Jammu and Kashmir acceded with India that was flourishing and promoting Gandhi’s ideology. “We never went with Pakistan. We annexed with Gandhi’s India. But today they are disintegrating the same India with bad steps like Ghar wapsi etc. We are Muslims are we have never been against their religion. The constitution of India is same for all religions,” he said.

Hinting towards BJP, Abdullah said that by their forcible decisions and steps, they will disintegrate the country. “The country will disintegrate by the forcible steps you are taking. If you want to keep this country untied you have to respect people of all religions,” he said.

He said that those people who are suspecting the people of Jammu and Kashmir and trying to divide the state are weakening the country. “You cannot divide this state. Let’s see how you will strengthen India by dividing Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

On extending GST to the state, he said that Finance Minister lied to the people. “He is dishonest and liar. He lied to us on GST and now its impact is on people and small shopkeepers,” he said.


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