Water scarcity hits Shopian Villages

Many villages in Shopian district of South Kashmir are facing water crisis following a dry summer which has led to visible depletion of natural water sources in several areas.

Reports said that the affected areas include Sugan, Dragad, Malnad, Chillipora, Shirmal, Reshiepora and several other places.

“People here are forced to drink dirty water as there is no potable water available in the area,” Firdous Ahmad, a resident of Malnad said.

He added that officials are not paying any heed towards our requests from the last couple of months.

Shahid Ahmad, resident of Shirmal village said that the village hardly gets water supply for an hour that too after every three days.

“We requested the concerned authorities to rid the residents of their troubles so many times, but to no avail,” he added.

Another resident hailing from Sugan village said that the residents are facing acute shortage of drinking water.

Shakeel Ahmad,  a resident of Chillipora said that many people have taken ill because of consuming dirty and impure water.

“We have apprehensions about the breakout of a diseases in the area as the drinking water supplied to the Village is too unclean to consume,” he added.

While contacting Xen PHE division Shopian, G A Beigh said that there was a shortage of pipes in  Sugan area and as a result the area is not getting a proper supply of drinking water.

“We have got a fresh stock of water pipes and hopefully we will put our men on the job and resolve the crisis people are facing,” he added.

He said that he will also depute a team to Shirmal village and seek a detailed report from them about the issue the locals have vis-a-vis drinking water.



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