Police foils AIP’s black day march, Er. Rasheed and Dozens arrested

Breaking strict restrictions large number of AIP volunteers carried out a march with black flags in their hands and chanting pro-plebiscite slogans, from Er. Rasheed’s residence at Jawahar Nagar to mark the black day on eve of India’s independence day.

Protestors managed to open the main gate of Er. Rasheed’s residence and started marching towards Bhakshi Stadium. However huge contingent of police used force to disperse the mob and arrested Er. Rasheed along with two dozen protestors and lodged them in police station Rajbagh.

During the scuffle three protestors sustained injuries two of whom were hospitalized. Before being arrested Er. Rasheed while talking to media persons accused Narinder Modi of just playing with the words like his predecessors, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed said that like successive Indian Prime Ministers Narinder Modi has yet again tried to misled world community by claiming to throw his arms open for Kashmiris and embracing them.

Er. Rasheed said “All what Narinder Modi wanted to convey in his Independence speech has nothing to offer but just means few traditional words like what Narsima Rao, Atal Bihari Wajpayee, Manmohan Singh and others have told from time to time. By Saying that there are just few people seeking separation from India, Narinder Modi has distorted the facts.

He should recall his previous independence day speech in which he had revealed that people of Gilgit Baltistan and PAK also want to be part of India. If he really believes in all what he said this year and last year he must never hesitate from offering Kashmiris a plebiscite, which is the most democratic, universally agreed and workable solution by all standards”. Er Rasheed also lashed out at Omer Abdulah for his inconsistency and Hippocratic attitude asking him to explain what forced him to boycott last year’s independence day celebrations and what was special in this year’s celebrations that he with his entire team were seen in Bhakshi Stadium even before the function has started.

Er. Rasheed said “The fact is that last year NC leadership tried to affiliate itself with the popular sentiment and this year citing pro-resistance leadership hardships, he took a different line. At a stage when Kashmiris are at the verge of losing their rights within Indian constitution, Omer Abdullah is adamant to sabotage the moves for unity within various political thoughts and parties. By revealing that he doesn’t need Huriyat’s cooperation in protecting 35-A Mr. Omer Abdullah has proved his arrogance, opportunism, lust for power and nefarious intentions.

He should not be under any misperception that Article-35-A debate will help his party in exploiting Kashmris or making pro-resistance leadership irrelevant. Omer Abdullah must be told  louder and clear that NC is mother of major evils Kashmiris are facing. Without going into past let Omer Abdullah not forget that participation of NC in 1996 fraud and military sponsored elections changed the political discourse and gave New Delhi an upper hand.

NC’s response to the fate of autonomy resolution passed by its Govt. and its surrender to NDA after rejection of autonomy resolution, its criminal consent and silence in hanging Afzal Guru and not even asking for his mortal remains are the main huge mistakes that gave New Delhi and its proxies courage to drag everything to Supreme Court and negate the facts. Should NC leadership also answer what happened to the agreement made during Indra Abdullah accord about revisiting all the central laws imposed on state illegally”.

Er. Rasheed also questioned Mehbooba Mufti’s talking about 35-A and special status of the state and reminded her of the fact that it is she who facilitated the entry of Sang Parivar in the state to bulldoze the rights of people including the special status.

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