Hizb posters ask parents to prevent their wards from independence day functions

The posters, purportedly belonging to Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militant outfit, have appeared in various areas of south Kashmir, calling parents and teachers to keep their children away from independence day functions.

The poster highlights the shenanigans of India and urges people mostly youth to keep vigil on the policies of India and defame their incorrigible mission.

Poster further reads, not to forget the sacrifices of our Martyrs and chastity of our sisters. It further asks the youth to quell every policy of Indian forces and help the Mujahids.

The Hizb also warned heads of educational institutes of dire consequences if they became part of any police or army function.

They requested parents to keep their wards away from such functions, otherwise don’t blame Mujahids.

Further, the poster reads, the Hizb also warned teachers to stay away from the functions on August 15.



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