Indians interested in abusing Pakistanis: Rasheed 


Condemning the ‘assault’ on separatist leader Shabir Ahmad Shah, Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Friday said that India is interested in abusing Pakistanis.

Ridiculing Indian TV channels for criticizing Hafiz Syed’s political ambitions, Er Rasheed according to the statement issued here said, “If Indians really believe Hafiz Syed is behind the terror network in India, then they should have welcomed his move of joining politics. But by making it an issue they have proven that they are interested in nothing but abusing Pakistanis.”

He said that before criticizing Hafiz Syed’s joining electoral politics, Indian media should not forget that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have been accused of butchering thousands of Muslims in Gujrat. “Amit Shah was given a clean chit only when Narendra Modi became India’s Prime Minister. Till recent past Americans were not issuing even visa to these political stalwarts of the day, who have become much pious over night. The murderer DG Vanzara was set free recently in Suhrab-ud-din and his wife’s fake encounter case and thus the act was not less than murder of Justice,” he said.

“Who doesn’t know that the renowned murderers including Koka Parray, Javid Shah and others were made MLAs and in Indian parliament there are dozens of politicians who are facing criminal and terror charges against them,” MLA Langate said, adding that it should be left to the choice of people of Pakistan whom they want to vote and the issue is none of the business of someone else.

Meanwhile, AIP president while condemning the assault on Shabir Shah, said that the way Enforcement Directorate (ED) Lawyer insulted and asked him to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan inside court room, is ‘ample proof to understand that the institutions are being used to suppress the voice of people of J&K’.

“The mental bankruptcy of ED lawyer defines and narrates the mindset that is taking shape within the top institutions. Asking Shabir Shah to chant a particular slogan was none of the business of the lawyer and by saying so the lawyer has lost his neutrality and his intentions get exposed,” he said.


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