JKLF terms continuous incarceration of Malik, others as ‘highly deplorable’

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Friday said that the prolonged incarceration of its chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Vice Chairman Mushtaq Ajmal and senior member Ghulam Muhammad Dar, currently lodged at Srinagar’s central jail is ‘highly deplorable’.

JKLF Zonal President, Noor Muhammad Kalwal according to the statement issued here said thousands of Kashmiris are languishing in Indian and Kashmir jails while the arrest spree is continuing unabated.

“Putting innocents in jails under concocted charges, denying them fair trial and justice for years and thus ruining their careers and lives have been a common feature regarding Kashmiri inmates,” he said.

Citing the example of a Kashmiri inmate Mehmood Ayub Topiwala who was arrested on Nov 17, 1996 from Kangan and was taken to Delhi where a session’s court sentenced him to 27 years jail.

Kalwal said that in 2003 Supreme Court reduced his sentence to 20 years and authorized Delhi government to look into his matter afterwards. “Though Mehmood Topiwala has completed twenty years and seven months of his life in Tihar jail but Delhi government is yet to get ready to release him,” JKLF leader said.

He said that similarly, other Kashmiri inmates Muhammad Lateef Waja, Muhammad Ali Kilay, Mirza Nisar Hussain, Abdul Gani Goni, Javed Ahmad Khan and Noushad Ali have also completed 21 years in jails but remain in custody.

“It is ironical that when a Maharashtra court recently granted bail to Sadwi Pragya Thakur involved in Maligaoun Blast case, police immediately released her but in case of Kashmiri and Muslim inmates’ rulers are following different standards and using different yard sticks,” he said.

Terming these ‘atrocities’ committed on Kashmiri inmates and tactics used to prolong their incarcerations as ‘undemocratic and illegal’, JKLF Zonal president said that ‘law of jungle’ is being followed visa vise Kashmiris which is highly condemnable.

He said that the ongoing killings in Kashmir is ‘a slow genocide of Kashmiris’, and added that “from 1947, Indian occupational forces have been playing with the lives of innocent Kashmiris and this genocide has snatched the lives of millions in Jammu Kashmir.”

“Within last few days Indian trigger happy forces have massacred many unarmed civilians and innocent young men including Firdous Ahmad, Akeel Ahmad, Ghulam Muhammad, Shariq Ahmad, Shabir Ahmad, Arif Nabi Dar, Aauqib Yatoo, Suhail Ahmad and Yawar Nisar and others. Forces also destroyed many residential houses and injured dozens of Kashmiris in the garb of armed battles during last few days,” he said.

Paying tributes to the slain militants, Kalwal said genocide of Kashmiris is continuing and so is the slumber of international community which is maintaining its criminal silence over this genocide.

Meanwhile, JKLF district president (Pulwama) Javed Ahmad Butt and JKLF district president (Islamabad) Muhammad Ishaaq Ganaie led delegations comprising of Nazir Ahmad Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Kuchay and Tariq Ahmad visited the bereaved families of these martyrs and expressed solidarity with them.

JKLF delegations while paying tributes to all these martyrs, prayed for their heavenly abode also.


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