China can enter Kashmir on Pak invitation: Chinese media

Chinese state-run media has warned India that China can enter Kashmir on Pakistan’s invitation and said that this is not a far-fetched idea.

In an article published in Global Times, the author warns India’s transgression on Chinese territory in Doklham as ‘Infamous India bravado’.

“As India continues down this intransigent path, perhaps it is time that it be taught a second lesson,” the article said.

The article warns India that China too can enter Jammu and Kashmir on Pakistan’s behalf. It referred that extraordinary Chinese move could be taken in view of Indian stance when its troops also entered into Doklam from the China-Sikkim border.

“No matter what vassalage relationship India maintains with Bhutan, it baffles this author that India has the courage to transgress another country on its behalf. And in this case, Indian troops even entered into Doklam from the China-Sikkim border. Well, if this kind of logic holds, a third country can certainly enter into Kashmir, including India-controlled Kashmir, upon Pakistan’s invitation,” reads the write-up.

The write-up accused India of actively harbouring terrorism against the Chinese.

“In more recent years, the Tibetan Youth Congress, the armed wing of the Dalai Lama’s regime, instigated several violent riots and is responsible for several terrorist bombings in China”. the author wrote.

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