Social media outpours anger against attack on pilgrims

After the incident that took place in Batengoo area of Anantnag on Monday evening, where a bus carrying Amarnath Yatries was attacked by unidentified gunmen, people from different walks of life used social media platforms to let the word of condemnation out. With, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh tweeting that “People of Kashmir have strongly condemned the terror attack on Amarnath yatris. It shows the spirit of Kashmiriyat is very much alive.”

Below, we present different reactions that poured in on the social media regarding the incident.

Khurram Pervaiz, Human Rights activist wrote on Facebook: “On a day when JK Police exposed the involvement of some Sandeep from India for his involvement in the recent past mysterious bank robberies, this shameful & tragic killing of 7 Amarnath pilgrims proves that sufferings of the dirty war in Kashmir are endless.”

Muzammil Jaleel, renowned journalist wrote on Twitter: “Attack on Yatris is a dastardly act. Totally unacceptable.”

Barkha Dutt, known journalist wrote on Twitter: “Every Kashmiri I know sickened by  #AmarnathAttack  but they don’t control the streets.”

Gowhar Geelani, journalist, political commentator wrote on Facebook: “All sensible persons should unequivocally condemn the horrific attack on Amarnath pilgrims in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district. No ifs & buts. Attack against Kashmiri ethos. #Deplorable”

Dr Showket Shifa, renowned child specialist wrote on his Facebook page: “Our sympathies stay with the families of Amarnath piligrims who lost their lives today in shoot out in kashmir. Condemnation is not enough. Those who are involved in this terrorist attack must be punished the maximum. We strongly favour an impartial judicial enquiry into the incident.”

Zahid Ali Lone, spokesperson, Jama’at-e-Islami wrote on Facebook, “We (all those associated with Jamaat Islami Jammu and Kashmir) express deep concern over the killing of seven innocent Amarnath Hindu Yatrees and others who got injured! It is an act of cowardice and not justifiable from any angle and as such is vehemently condemned. Jamaat Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses solidarity with all the bereaved families and with the injured too! It (gruesome incident) needs an impartial probe by any international agency to find out the truth.”

Rauf Tramboo, adventure travel consultant wrote on Facebook, “Amarnath Yatra is part of our composite culture, heritage and hospitality – We can’t afford to kill this treasure. It is not us”

Raja Muzaffar Bhat, leading RTI activist wrote of Facebook, “Those who killed Amaranth Yatris cannot be friends of Kashmiri people….we condemn this incident.”

Sadaf Munshi, academician wrote on her Facebook page, “Attacking pilgrims is a dastardly coward act and should be condemned in the strongest terms. Whoever did this nasty job, can never be pardoned.”

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