Editorial: Targeting innocent civilians

Monday evening proved to be yet another grim reminder that Kashmir witnessed another black day in its history. A bus carrying innocent civilians according to the police was caught in a cross fire between security forces and militants which resulted in the killing of seven civilians and injuries to 18 others.

The killings though condemned by one and all, are once again a harsh reminder about how hapless the people of Kashmir have become as no one is in a position to ascertain as to what went behind the attack and who is actually responsible for this shameful act that has put humanity to dishonor.

The attack deserves wholehearted censure as this action is nothing beyond  utter contempt for human life.

Targeting a vehicle carrying ordinary people on a pilgrimage shows utter contempt for human life and the fundamental principles of humanity. We the people of Kashmir have from times immemorial been showing respect and regard to mutual harmony and religious tolerance. No one has even during the years of turmoil targeted a pilgrim or tried to offend him.

Just a day before, a yatri bus met with an accident at Kangan and it was the local populace who came forward and not only rescued the injured, but some youth were magnanimous enough to donate their blood for the injured pilgrims. The incident should leave all those to hang their hands in shame who try to malign the people of Kashmir by giving any such incident a communal colour.

Tuesdays attack though in itself leaves many questions unanswered, authorities, especially those involved in providing security cover to the pilgrims need to get into a huddle and see what went wrong and how such loopholes can be plugged in future. The security agencies need to work out as to who is behind this horrific assault and they should be found and punished.

Besides, the authorities need to protect all civilians (pilgrims) and ensure that they are not put in danger. They must be guarded against any attacks, including reprisal attacks, which could lead to more civilian casualties.

The attack on yatris or for that matter any civilian is simply a dastardly and inhuman act and is beyond any norms of civility and merits unequivocal condemnation and response.

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