Injuries indicate no SOP was followed by troops, say Docs

On Saturday, when an encounter was going on in district Anantnag’s Dialgam area, protests broke out in the village. Forces, however, tried to disperse the protestors with the use of live ammunition, firing bullets and injuring many.

What has been observed is that the bullets fired were not aimed below waist; rather the majority of bullets have been fired targeting areas falling above the waiste.

Doctors at SMHS and SKIMS are saying that they received at least five fire arm injuries hit above waist on shoulder, the civilian who was killed on Saturday was also hit by a bullet in his neck, causing his immediate death.

“We received majority of the injuries who were hit above waist. Two were hit in legs,” said a doctor on duty in SKIMS’s emergency block.

One more patient, Junaid Ahmad Tantry, (18) who was admitted in SHMS, was grievously hit by a bullet in his shoulder.

A woman named Tahira, was also hit by a bullet, above waist, right in her back, the bullet pierced through her chest, causing her immediate death.

Another doctor on the condition of anonymity said that “forces seem not be following any standard operating procedure, they seem to be firing indiscriminately.”

Doctors say that even if the victims survive the incident they face lifelong issues as the injuries either leave them paralysed or render them unfit for the rest of their lives.



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