Ahead of Eid, street vendors do brisk business at old locations

Due to Eid festival, the street vendors resurfaced at their old locations in the city that led to traffic mess and inconvenience to the commuters. These street vendors were relocated by the authorities just a month ago.

After the directions from the High Court, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) in May this year relocated the street vendors to the SRTC bus yard.

However, after spending a month in their relocated places, the street vendors re-occupied the roadsides and footpaths, causing immense hardships to the commuters and creating traffic congestion in the city.

A commuter, Danish Ahmad said, “I was shocked to see the street vendors back on roadsides and footpaths. They have again occupied most of the space in the city centre.”

Another commuter said, “Traffic regulation had become better in the city center after the removal of street vendors. There was enough space for people as well as vehicles to move.

But one can again witness the old problem of congestion.”

Almost all the footpaths and roadsides in Lal Chowk, Amirakadal, Hari Singh High Street and other parts of the city have been grabbed by the vendors causing traffic jams.

Ahead of Eid, the vendors can be seen selling items like garments, snacks, cosmetics, footwear, fruits, crockery and leather goods.

The SMC Commissioner, Shafqat Khan, has said that the street vendors would be relocated to their respective sites after Eid. “They have been allowed to continue their business activities due to Eid festival. They will be removed soon after the Eid.”

Asked about the congestion in Srinagar city due to street vendors, he said, “It is a matter of two or three days. Let people celebrate Eid, after that the street vendors will be removed.”

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