NC did not make any amendment to Constitution of JK, says Sagar

Refuting the allegations leveled by PDP against National Conference (NC) for making direct amendments to the Constitution of the state, NC, on Friday, said PDP would know when the amendments were extended.

NC general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar said that during their rule no amendment was made to the Constitution of the state. Sagar, who is also legislator from Khanyar, said “No amendment to the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir took place during our government. PDP only knows when these amendments took place.”

The state is roiled in fresh controversy over the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the state, with Opposition, traders and separatists opposing it stating that GST  will erode the fiscal and constitutional autonomy of the state.

The PDP-led government has called for a special session of the assembly on GST from June 17. It said the decision to hold a debate in the assembly to bring necessary amendments and modifications will happen for the first time in the state.

Finance Minister, Dr Haseeb Drabu said, “Never before in the history of the state has the extension of a constitutional amendment of the Constitution of India to Jammu and Kashmir been taken to the state assembly for deliberations.

“Around 46 amendments have been extended through presidential order to Jammu and Kashmir, which have gradually eroded the state’s special constitutional position. While it is true that our constitution gives us comprehensive legislative powers, the core of our special position is the powers of the legislative assembly. It is this institution of legislature that we are seeking to re-empower, as it has been diluted over a period of time.”



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