BJP using Army as instrument for political agenda: Tarigami

Stating that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is using Army as instruments for their political agenda, CPI (M) senior leader and MLA Kulgam, Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami on Wednesday said that the Government of India (GoI) has adopted jingoistic policy towards Kashmir. He cautioned that such policy will not yield any results. 

Addressing a press conference here at his Gupkar residence, Tarigami said that the BJP must stop using Army as an instrument for their political agenda. “Using Army as instrument for their political agenda is not good for the country as well as for the Army itself,” he said.

“I believe Bipin Rawat as being an Army Chief must have restrained from issuing the statement over stone pleters. I want to ask him that does he want to wage war against own people,” he said, adding that such provocative statements are tantamount to the declaration of imposition of Martial Law in the Valley.

“Statements like ‘war like situation, dirty war, wishes stone-pelters carry weapons instead of stones,’ are indicative of jingoistic assertions,” he said.

He said that the situation in Kashmir continues to worsen. “It is sufficiently established that the Kashmir policy of the BJP has proved to be a complete failure. Instead of taking political initiatives to address the situation, the statements pouring in from those who are at the helm, including the Defense Minister, are providing indications as if the Government is at war with the people of Kashmir,” he said.

MLA Kulgam said that these highly irresponsible and provocative statements further vitiate atmosphere. “It is still better that the political establishment must re-think about the fatal implications of such utterances,” he added.

“History is witness that there is no other way than to explore ways to resume the dialogue with Pakistan. Whatever the circumstances, war is no solution. Voices demanding settling accounts with Pakistan through military means should be rejected. India and Pakistan have a shared past and both the countries must realize they have to move together for a better and peaceful future. For a meaningful breakthrough in their relations, political will is needed, which, unfortunately is missing at the moment,” Tarigami said.

While supporting the intellectuals, politicians and academics who called for a cease-fire during Ramadan, Tarigami called for de-escalation of tension between India and Pakistan at the borders and starting of a structured dialogue among all stakeholders to address the Kashmir issue.

“We understand the concerns of the younger generation. At the same time we appeal all the concerned teachers, parents and civil society to encourage our children to continue their studies. As our students have to shoulder the responsibilities of shaping and reconstructing our future, they have to be armed with knowledge and wisdom. Education alone can provide such opportunities,” he added.

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