Indian army chief follows Jan Sangh ideology: Geelani

Veteran separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Gelani said that the recent statements by the Indian Army Chief reflect that he is a man of Jan Sangh ideology.

Geelani while referring to the commendation letter to Major Googoi and General Rawat’s explanation, said that tall claims of Indian leadership about being a largest democracy, is nothing but hoax.

He said that India’s political and military leadership are following a fascist mind-set.

“Their statements expose their intentions and it testifies our claim that they are giving free license to their forces against innocent Kashmiri people by assuring full backing and impunity from any accountability for carrying genocide in the state,” Gelani said.

While commenting over the statement of Venkia Naidu, Gelani said that India’s army and political leadership want to kill every soul in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Since last seven decades we time and again raised our voice and expressed our concern about the sinister plans of Indian leadership in Kashmir, however no serious steps were taken by international community,” he alleged.

Geelani said that continuous silence maintained by world community encouraged these forces and as of now even a major who tied a youth to the bonnet of jeep as human shield was awarded for this drastic and inhuman act.

Geelani while ridiculing the Indian authorities and referring to Major Googoi said, that instead of taking him to task, he was rewarded and encouraged, thus proved beyond doubt that they don’t follow any ethics, nor they honor international rulings or the directives formulated by world bodies.

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