Kashmir problem limited to just 5 districts: Venkaiah Naidu

After BJP’s national president Amit Shah said that the Kashmir problem is limited to three districts only, Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu today asserted that the problem is limited to five districts of south Kashmir only.

“Other than five districts, remaining parts of the state are free from violence. Let us understand this. Except for South Kashmir, the state is in peace. In north Kashmir, there is no major problem. In Jammu region, there is no major problem. In Ladakh region, there is no problem.

“Kashmir is not four south Kashmir districts. There is a problem. We have to (solve it). But at the same time, we have to send a message across the border that we will not accept terrorism.” Naidu told a news gathering agency during an interview.

The Information and Broadcasting Minister blamed previous Congress governments for the violence in the Kashmir valley.

He said that the state and central governments were making “best efforts to deal with the situation” in the Kashmir Valley.

“We are determined to solve the problem” in Kashmir that “we inherited from previous Congress governments”, said the former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief.

“Kashmir, which is not our creation, is a 69-year-old problem. Where is the question of failing? It is all legacy of great Congress leaders, “ he said.

Meanwhile, the government has ruled out talks with separatists in Kashmir and a demand for a ceasefire during Ramzan.

“Ceasefire by whom? Won’t there be any stone-pelting? There will not be any terrorist activity? Will somebody give us an assurance? Suppose people were observing Ramzan and then there is some attack, who has to be responsible,” he said.

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