No mass promotions, no reduction in prescribed syllabus: Minister

The minister for education on Wednesday made it clear that there will be no mass promotion or reduction in syllabi for the students in their upcoming annual examinations.

“I want to clear that there will no mass promotion and no relaxation in syllabus for students in their exams. If they (students) think staging protest will bring them relaxation in syllabus that is not going to happen,” the education minister said on the side lines of Education Conclave at SKICC.

The minister said the students having shortage in their respective schools won’t be allowed to appear in the exams. He appealed the students to attend classes and focus on their studies in order to perform in their exams.

“I understand that there is an age when students have more vulnerability. Had I been of their age, I would protest every day in campus and organize people for it inside campus. Given the present situation created due to political instability in Kashmir, anyone can use students,” he said.

The minister however reiterated that there was trespassing in Pulwama College by forces for which action was taken by government.

“I still say that students have a right to protest within campus. But when students come on roads they lose impression of education and become law and order problem,” the minister said.

He said no police personnel were allowed to enter inside campuses post Pulwama incident.

“I know students have been detained but no FIR is registered against them. We call their parents and release them after counselling,” Bukhari said.

When asked Police was demanding action against some teachers for instigating violence the minister said, “My teachers are not involved in any case of such activity.”

Earlier in his address at the function, the education minister censured private school association and said if the schools were imparting quality education, there wouldn’t have been a mushrooming growth of coaching centres.

“I want you people to understand that why there is mushrooming growth of coaching centres if you claim to provide quality education in your schools. I don’t see any student from government schools at coaching centres, they are from private schools,” he said.

He asked the private school representatives to work jointly to improve the education in the private schools.

“Private school students opting for private coaching means that either the level of education in your schools is not good or the students expect something else,” he said.

He however said the government was considering private schools as a service provider than a competitor.

“I admit that you cater to those areas where government sector has not reached so far. Your performance is good as compared to the government sector,” he said.

The education minister said government has been taking steps to bridge the gaps between government and private sector.

“Difference in opinion is healthiness of our society. I assure private school association that whatever is genuine will be implemented. You won’t face any hassle from government,” he said.

About the private school teachers the minister said the private school propitiators should act as humans while treating their employees.

“You have employed 65000 people and I congratulate you for that but please treat them well. A feeling is around that people serving in private school don’t have security of jobs. Please attend to it. If one has no job security he won’t deliver to his best potential,” he said.

 “I have done a lot to address your genuine demands in past 90 days and coming 90 days will be more exciting,” the education minister said.

The education minister stated that the child should not be out of focus in private as well as in government sector. “Let us not lose the focus from our child which is a priority in my department.”

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