Stray dogs continue to make life of Ganderbal residents miserable

The menace of stray dogs in the central Kashmir Ganderbal district has continuously become a cause of concern not only for the residents, but also for the authorities who have so far failed to put a check on their growing population.

The residents said that the authorities have no way to control this menace. “This is a major problem for all of us. Stray dogs bite people, chase them when they go to prayers early in the morning, and scare away children,” he said.

They said that stray dogs can be seen in large groups around garbage dumps in the residential areas including busy market Beehama, Duderhama, Safapora, Lar, Manigam, Kangan, Ganniwan , Gund  and other areas of the district.

Locals told the Kashmir Vision that stray dogs are posing a grave threat to the life of humans particularly during the morning and evening hours. “These dogs have made the life of common man miserable, particularly the women and old age persons,” locals added.

The inhabitants said that it seems that the authorities concerned are unaware of various laws regarding how to check the growth of stray dogs.

Locals said that the number of dogs is mounting at rapid pace, which has become a matter of huge concern for the people, especially the parents of small kids.

Meanwhile, the residents of Ganderbal district here appealed the concerned authorities to look into the matter and redress their genuine grievances at earliest so that the people could heave a sigh of relief.

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