UJC denies killing Ummar Fayaz

United Jehad Council (UJC) on Friday denied any hand in the killing of army officer, Ummar Fayaz.

UJC, Chief Syed Salahuddin is a statement issued to a local news gathering agency, CNS said that Indian agencies are responsible for the murder of Lieutenant Umar Fayaz.

 Stating that there is no place or role of Al-Qaida, Taliban or ISIS in the Kashmir’s armed struggle, Salahuddin while addressing a special meeting said that India has planned to launch terrorist organization ISIS to sabotage the ongoing Kashmir Freedom Struggle.

“It has been proven now that ISIS is the brain child of Western powers to crush Islam and those outfits who stand for the Islamic Principles. This organization has butchered Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Yeman, Turkey and Afghanistan so our people in the name of Islam  should not get coaxed by this terrorist organization,” Salahuddin said and made it clear that the ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir is indigenous and it has no backing of international forces.

Blaming Indian agencies for the murder of Lieutenant Umar Fayaz, the United Jehad Council Chief said that India tried to kill two birds with one stone. “The officer from a freedom loving family was murdered and at the same time militants were blamed for the killing. World knows India doubts the rectitude and conviction of Muslim Army officers particularly from those who hail from Kashmir. The elevation of Modi strengthened this thought,” he said.

     “We convincingly want to clear it that there is no hand of militants in the killing of Umar Fayaz. He was murdered on the behest of Indian Agencies which is condemnable,” he said.

     While asking militants active in the field to desist from making any policy statements, Syed Salahuddin directed them to approach the top militant leadership while doing so. He also appealed media fraternity to identify those insignificant writers who according to him are maligning the freedom struggle for material benefits.

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