Ascertaining authenticity of ‘threatening’ audio clip: Hurriyat (G)


While reacting to the audio clip that was released by a man taken to be as Hizbul Mujhideen Commander, Zakir Musa, saying that “Kashmir is not a political struggle, but a religious one,” Hurriyat (G) said that they are looking into the authenticity of the audio clip and are trying to ascertain if the man speaking in the audio is actually Hizb Commander.  

In an audio that was released, the man has openly threatened the Hurriyat leadership for what was said that “they propagate Kashmir to be Kashmir issue a political one.” Adding that “if it has got nothing to with the religion, why do you (Hurriyat leadership) come and address people in mosques?”

Speaking to Kashmir Vision, Ayaz Akbar, spokesperson of the faction said that “first we have to see if the audio clip was really released by the Hizb commander, only after that we can say anything.”

Stressing that United Resistance Leadership stand by its statement that was issued couple of days, he said that “we stand by our statement, and will not be deterred by such acts.”

When asked how Hurriyat has taken the threat that has come from the man speaking as Hizb Chief in the audio clip, the spokesperson said that “we don’t care about such threats, we really do not.”

As of now, it seems that rest of the groups in the United Resistance Leadership have preferred to remain tight lipped, and not to speak about the issue at this point of time.


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