PDP-BJP combine has lost will to govern: NC

Opposition National Conference (NC) on Tuesday said that the coalition government seems to have lost the will to govern. The party alleged that the present dispensation is neglecting the far flung areas.

Expressing anguish over total neglect of the far flung areas of the Jammu region, NC, State Vice President Rattan Lal Gupta said that the PDP-BJP dispensation is taking sadistic pleasure in inflicting miseries upon the people.

“The coalition government seems to have lost the will to govern, which is reflected in chaotic situation prevailing across the state. The development works have taken a hit during the past two and half years and the government is least bothered,” Gupta said.

Accompanied by NC State Secretary and former MLA Th Rachpal Singh, Provincial Vice President Vipin Paul and Provincial Secretary Pradeep Bali, the State Vice President extensively visited the Kalakote constituency to have on the spot feel of problems faced to the people. They interacted with the people at Treath and other villages enroute.

Rattan Lal Gupta criticized the coalition government for failing to restore the infrastructure damaged due to incessant rains. He said the condition of roads is highly dilapidated as a result of which the passenger movement and supply of essentials have suffered hugely.

He said the erratic power and drinking water supply has added to the miseries of consumers and the situation is highly alarming in the ongoing summer season.

Gupta said the non-serious attitude of the coalition government has forced the people to fend for themselves as the administration too has lost the grit to serve the people due to lack of political direction.

Interacting with the people during the tour of the constituency, Th Rachpal Singh said that the PDP-BJP has failed on all fronts. “While development has braved main brunt, the essential services are at the brink of collapse”, he added.

Th Rachpal Singh said the governance deficit has exposed the opportunistic alliance that had come with a promise of hope but ended up in a big disaster. He said the promises made to the people have proved hoax, as the prices continue to soar and essentials like foodgrains at CAPD outlets becoming scarce.

“The poor people are feeling let down and betrayed”, he said and cautioned the government not to test the patience of the people, who can take to streets if the administration fails to meet their legitimate aspirations.

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